Student Parking

I am a full time student and my car is registered to my parent’s address. Can I get a permit?

If you are a full time student residing in a residential parking area, you must provide proof of residency at the address zoned residential parking. You must also submit Student Picture Identification Card and current school term bill for the semester to which the permit is to be issued.

Where should I place my residential decal or visitor permit if I have tinted rear windows, louvers or a rear window defogger, or if I drive a jeep / convertible top?

Place your permit on the front of your car passenger side windshield so that it is visible to enforcement when patrolling to avoid summons.

decal diagram

Can my Residential Parking Permit be revoked?

YES. If an applicant has falsified any information on the RPP application form, submits, false or doctored documents in order to obtain a parking permit, or allows someone other than a visitor at your RPP address to use or display the parking permit, it shall constitute a violation of the Residential Parking Program and the permit will be revoked. You will also be subject to a parking summons.