Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Parking

What do I need to get a Residential Parking Permit?

2022 Residential Parking Permits are not available, please keep your 2021 sticker on your car, until further notice. Thank you!

EMAIL/MAIL IN/OR FAX  your license, registration, and a utility bill in your name at that address to the Customer Service Center at the Waterfront Garage, 10 Delaware Ave.


Mailing address- 10 Delaware Ave, Camden NJ 08103

Fax: 856-966-6592

Residential Parking Permit Application Form

How much does a Residential Parking Permit cost?

No parking meter in front of the residence = No charge
Parking meter in front of the residence = $60 for one year

I am a Rutgers student and I need to get a parking permit but I am having a difficult time getting one. What do I need to bring to get a parking permit?

  • a utility bill in your name at that address
  • your license and vehicle registration
  • your student identification and current term bill

Towed Vehicle

My car is no longer parked where I parked it. The police department said I should call and ask the Parking Authority.

The Parking Authority has not towed for a number of years; we did not impound your vehicle. Try the following agencies:

  • Flanagan’s Towing at 856-486-0606
  • Camden County Sheriff’s Department at 856-225-5470
  • Delaware River Port Authority at 877-567-DRPA (3772)

If none of these agencies have towed your vehicle, your next step may be to telephone Police Communications at 856-757-7400 and report the vehicle as stolen.


Summonses may be paid by mail

Violations Bureau
520 Market St.
City Hall, 4th Floor
P.O. Box 95120 Camden, NJ 08101-5120

Summonses may be paid in person

At the Violations Bureau on the 4th Floor of City Hall.

For a Lost Summons and/or a Notice of Suspended License

  • dial 856-583-1460
  • go to the Violations Bureau on the 4th floor of City Hall
  • telephone the Parking Authority at 856-757-9300, ext. 116 and leave your name, tag number, vehicle make and model, and a return telephone number. An Enforcement Supervisor will return your call as soon as possible.

Summonses may also be paid online

Providing you have the Summons in your possession, type Camden Municipal Court in your browser and the City site should pop up showing the option to pay on-line.

Why was I ticketed? The meter was broken.

  • If a driver is in the process of parking and/or has already parked and then discovers the meter is not operating properly, the driver should telephone the Parking Authority at 856-757-9300, ext. 116 and leave a message with name, contact number, and meter number. The driver should also leave a note on the windshield of his/her vehicle stating the meter was fed and is not operable.
  • If a driver has already phoned the Violations Bureau to report a broken meter, because he/she has been issued a Summons then, there is no need to also phone the Parking Authority. With a broken meter report in hand, the Violations Bureau passes the information on to the PACC for investigation. If it is determined that the meter in question was in fact broken then, the Summons issued will not be the driver’s responsibility and he/she will be notified accordingly.

I work in law enforcement and was issued a Summons.

Go to the Violations Bureau (4th Floor of City Hall) and fill out an affidavit. Ticket dismissal is at the discretion of a Municipal Court Judge.

Street Sweeper

What is the street sweeper schedule?


CAMDEN, NJ – Beginning Monday, April 4, 2022, the City will recommence with residential street sweeping. Street sweeping is being performed once a month, the first full week of the month (MONDAY THRU FRIDAY), basis by schedule posted on “no parking” signage in each city neighborhood.

Residents are requested to move their vehicles as per the no parking signage on the days and times posted.  Vehicles parked in the no parking areas on the dates and times posted will be subject to ticketing.  During inclement weather and/or holidays, street sweeping may be suspended or cancelled. Any questions please call 856-757-9300 ex. 116.

For those individuals who would like to obtain more information or report missing and/or damaged signage, please contact the City Department of Public Works Hotline at 856-757-7034 or visit the City webpage at

Why did I get a ticket and the street sweeper has not passed through my street?

The sign(s) posted for the street sweeper must be honored; our Enforcement Officers provide a service for the City and run either just ahead of or just behind the street sweeper.

Why was my vehicle the only one ticketed; what about all the other vehicles parked on my block that never appear to move and never appear to be ticketed?

It is likely these vehicles are abandoned. You should report them to Police Communications at 856-757-7400.

BB&T Center Concert Parking

What time does the lot open for the concert, where may I park my RV, and how much is parking?

The Parking Authority is not responsible for concert parking. Dial 856-365-1300 and follow the prompts to obtain answers to your questions.

Overnight Parking

May I park my vehicle in the Waterfront Garage, the Transportation Terminal, or on a flat lot overnight and how much will it cost?

Speak with the Manager or Supervisor on duty by dialing 856-757-9300, ext. 121, 110, or 123.

Prepaids/Children’s Garden Parking Arrangements

I am having a party for my child and was told to telephone the Parking Authority to make arrangements.

A Customer Service Representative can assist you. Dial 856-757-9300 or come to the Customer Service Center at 10 Delaware Avenue in the Waterfront Garage on the ground floor and bring the following information:

  • event date
  • number of TOKENOTES needed
  • TOKENOTES cost $12.00, may be paid by cash or credit card, must be paid in advance, and are non-refundable


Is the Parking Authority hiring?

When available, employment opportunities are advertised in the Courier-Post. If you would like to fill out an application for the future, you may do so at the Customer Service Center on the ground floor of the Waterfront Garage located at 10 Delaware Ave. Applications are kept on file for at least one (1) year. You can also download an application from the website.

Meter Rental

What do I need to do to block street meters and how much will it cost?

Write down the meter numbers and the meter locations. Bring this information to the Customer Service Center at 10 Delaware Ave. (ground floor of the Waterfront Garage). Meter Rental cost is $10 per meter, per day.

Waterfront Garage Hours and Clearance

What time does the Garage open and close and what is the clearance?

  • 5:30 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday
  • 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Saturday and Sunday
  • Closing hours fluctuate during the summer season based on events
  • Clearance is 6’7” – alternate parking for oversized vehicles is located on the flat lots

Jury Duty Parking

Where do I park if I have Jury Duty?

Jurors are permitted to park on Lot #6, which is located at 100 South 3rd Street. Juror parking is free with the presentation of a valid Juror slip upon entry.

Public Auctions

When Are Auctions?

To obtain information about the Parking Authority’s public auctions, check the Courier-Post newspaper every 30 to 60 days for the auction advertisement. If there is no notice of dates, times, and locations for hours of inspection and auction, no auction is currently scheduled.

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