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The City of Camden has implemented a comprehensive parking management program that is enabling residents to park in their neighborhoods despite competition from commuters for those spaces.

Camden is growing and changing, particularly in the Downtown Waterfront District, but we’re also experiencing growth in our residential and surrounding areas. Without an effective comprehensive parking management program, parking would pose a tremendous problem in our city and in neighborhoods near transit lines, schools, hospitals and universities.

We have a residential parking management program that has been well received by residents and commuters alike. It is a program that is practical and fair. If you live in a neighborhood that is primarily residential in which there is heavy competition from commuters / visitors for parking spaces, this page can help you to understand the City’s Residential Parking Permit Program (RPP).

Residents in many areas already have the RPP Program and they are very pleased with the results.

For more information regarding monthly and student parking, click the appropriate links.


The Parking Authority of the City of Camden (PACC) maintains a uniformed Enforcement Department, providing a high level of security in its facilities. PACC’s PEO (Parking Enforcement Officers) also patrol the downtown Camden area and take on the role as “ambassadors” providing information or directions and serving as additional security for the Camden Police Department.

All visitors requiring assistance, whether it is in a parking facility or in the downtown Camden area can rest assure PACC’s friendly and knowledgeable PEOs will be readily equipped to be of service. All Parking Enforcement Officers are equipped with radios and can be of assistance with problems and if necessary will contact emergency assistance.