Street Sweeper

What is the street sweeper schedule?


CAMDEN, NJ – Beginning Monday, April 4, 2022, the City will recommence with residential street sweeping. Street sweeping is being performed once a month, the first full week of the month (MONDAY THRU FRIDAY), basis by schedule posted on “no parking” signage in each city neighborhood.

Residents are requested to move their vehicles as per the no parking signage on the days and times posted.  Vehicles parked in the no parking areas on the dates and times posted will be subject to ticketing.  During inclement weather and/or holidays, street sweeping may be suspended or cancelled. Any questions please call 856-757-9300 ex. 116.

For those individuals who would like to obtain more information or report missing and/or damaged signage, please contact the City Department of Public Works Hotline at 856-757-7034 or visit the City webpage at www.ci.camden.nj.us.

Why did I get a ticket and the street sweeper has not passed through my street?

The sign(s) posted for the street sweeper must be honored; our Enforcement Officers provide a service for the City and run either just ahead of or just behind the street sweeper.

Why was my vehicle the only one ticketed; what about all the other vehicles parked on my block that never appear to move and never appear to be ticketed?

It is likely these vehicles are abandoned. You should report them to Police Communications at 856-757-7400.