CAMDEN, NJ – Mayor Dana L. Redd, City Council President Frank Moran, Camden Parking Authority Chairman Jose Martinez and Camden Parking Authority Executive Director Willie Hunter are proud to announce a new “Smart” parking meter program will kick-off in early July 2017.  The new initiative which is a 90 day pilot program, calls for the installation of new parking meters along the 400, 500, and 600 blocks of Cooper Street.  Additional meters are to be installed in the 200 block of Broadway and along North 3rd Street.  The new equipment will be placed on exiting poles, replacing older parking meters in the same locations.

“I commend the Camden Parking Authority for taking the necessary steps to upgrade the City’s parking meters,” said Mayor Dana L. Redd. “As Camden continues with its unprecedented progress, I think it’s important that we address outdated or inefficient systems in order to enhance the delivery of services to our residents, employees and visitors.”

The new meters will implement both “smart” and “green” technology features.  The equipment will be powered by solar batteries and will accept payments via mobile applications or through electronic transactions.  Individuals will now be able to pay using their credit cards or online bank accounts.  Both the existing and new meters will continue to accept coinage.

“This will be much more convenient for our residents and those visiting Camden”, said Council President Frank Moran.  “Many other municipalities have already made similar upgrades and have received a great feedback.  I expect the same response here in Camden.”

“It’s going to be a huge improvement as personnel can now manage the meters and collections in real time,” said Camden Parking Authority Chairman Jose Martinez.  “The Camden Parking Authority expects to see better response time for repairs and quicker notification of damaged or jammed equipment.”  The software will enable remote monitoring by parking authority attendants while allowing for access to the system for the purpose of internal control by authorized administrators.  “The goal of the pilot program is to not only to replace outdated or damaged equipment but to improve efficiency, accountability and accuracy,” said Camden Parking Authority Executive Director Willie Hunter.