Welcome to the Parking Authority of the City of Camden

0The Parking Authority of the City of Camden (PACC) was created in 1958 by an ordinance passed pursuant to the New Jersey Parking Authority Act of 1948. The Authority is a public body politic and corporate and a political subdivision of the State of New Jersey working in conjunction with the Mayor and members of the City Council for the continuing improvement of parking conditions within the City of Camden. The purpose of the Authority is the construction, provision and operation of off-street parking facilities, the promotion of traffic improvement, and any other legal parking related activity, Additionally, to the extent authorized by the governing body of the City, the Authority is involved in the management and operation of on-street parking meters and other related facilities and enforcement of the applicable laws, ordinances and regulations relating to the parking of vehicles. Recently, the Authority has been offering its parking services to a variety of private and public sector anchors in the City of Camden and assisting in the identification, operations, and maintenance of several facilities throughout the city.